Handmade in the Amazon Rainforest
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Welcome to our online store, here you will find amazing stuff from our new initiative: COCO Designs, wearable items handcrafted in the Amazon rainforest and brought to you by COCO Market.

NATIVE NECKLACES Ÿ| Handmade with coconut shell and seeds from the Amazon


JET NECKLACES Ÿ| Handmade with jet stone, hematite and seeds from the Amazon


JET BRACELETS Ÿ| Handmade with jet stone, hematite and seeds from the Amazon


 AMAZONIAN STONES COLLECTION Ÿ| Handmade with quartz and gemstones from the Amazon


KEYCHAINS Ÿ| Handmade with jet stone, wood and seeds from the Amazon


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The Artists. We have a passion for the indigenous peoples of South America, especially the Pemon and the Yekuana in southern Venezuela. These two tribes have been for thousands of years living across the Orinoco River, from the highlands to the grasslands all over the Guiana Shield in the Amazon rainforest. They are well known for their handmade craft, that besides its great beauty and quality, has become nowadays an important source of income for the indigenous craftsman.


The Project. Our products are handmade by these artisans with passion, in a sustainable way, and we have fairly and responsibly brought them to you. Our goal is to offer you a beautiful handmade craft full of culture and at the same time, help these tribes to thrive within their communities by sharing the best of their artwork with the world.  

The Jet Stone. Also called black amber, it is a gemstone, an organic rock. These tribes use jet stone as a talisman, given its energy and spiritual properties. Jet stone protects you from negative energies, has the ability to transmute negative feelings into positive one and helps you keeping balance. It’s a stone of good luck.


Join the movement and take with you a little piece of good art from the Amazon rainforest.


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